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Is this product (Bird Proof Liquid) safe for pets?

by Barbara 4. June 2008 14:15


Question about the product Product Code: =ES-LIQ-1
Bird-X Bird Proof Liquid Repellent GALLON

Q: "Is this product (Bird Proof Liquid Repellent) safe for pets?"-Jennifer

Answer: Is your pet a dog, a cat or a bird? Are you planning to spray the interior of a barn or a shed or spray trees, bushes, ledges, etc.? If used correctly, Bird Proof is not dangerous to pets or other animals. Please read on.

Bird-X, the manufacturer of Bird Proof, states that this liquid bird repellent is safe if used as directed and if pets, livestock, food, water and feed are removed from the area being treated during the spraying. Once the repellent is dry, the only risks would be if a pet ate bushes, plants or trees that you sprayed with repellent. I will go into more detail below. Of course, you would not want to leave the container, the sprayer or clean-up clothes or solvents where animals might choose to sleep or might be tempted to lick or taste.

Bird Proof is sold in both gel tubes applied with a caulking gun and in liquid that is sprayed on ledges, sills, beams, rafters and other indoor and outdoor locations where nuisance birds may alight or roost. Although Bird Proof is non-poisonous and contains no toxic materials that would harm animals, the Bird Proof spray could physically block and prevent respiration if inhaled during the spraying. The manufacturer recommends avoiding contamination of food, water or livestock feed which could occur if that food, water or feed was not removed from the area during the application or not stored in a tightly covered container during the application.

Bird Proof is a long lasting tacky bird repellent that is transparent and can effectively discourage nuisance birds fromroosting or returning to a treated area for up to one year. To remove Bird Proof, use Bird-X Safety Solvent Cleaner, mineral spirits, naphtha or powder type cleaning agents. If cleaned immediately, spills may be washed off with water. Bird Proof should be applied when temperatures are at least 40 degrees F in calm weather so that drying is facilitated and spray drift is minimized.

Coverage varies with the object being treated and the spray equipment. Generally, 1 gallon treats an average of 125 square feet or an average tree with a 5 inch diameter trunk or about 6 three-foot high shrubs.

I hope this answers your question. Please contact us if you need more information.