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Will the Rat Zapper Zap Squirrels, Too?

by Barbara 21. June 2008 08:56

Question about the product Product Code: M240, Victor Woodstream Electronic Rat Trap.

Q: "We would like to use this in our backyard to kill the rats that are being attracted to our bird feeder, 1st year we have had the problem in 15 years of having a bird feeder. My questions is, we also have squirrls that we do not want killed. Is the opening only large enough for rats???" -Gail

Answer: The opening of the trap is about 4 inches wide and 3 inches high, tunnel shaped. It is unlikely that a squirrel would venture into this trap. However, anything is possible. Usual bait is peanut butter or peanut butter and bread. Some folks use bird seed. The trap is about 8 inches long and about 5 inches high. A green light goes on when there is a rat in the trap. The unit operates on batteries which should be sufficient to kill about 12 rats.

These traps work well on rats because there is a double shock on the grid as the rat's heart is harder to stop. Voltage applied for up to 2 minutes to insure death.

Good luck with your rat problem.


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