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Using Power Inverter to Run a Sump Pump?

by Barbara 22. June 2008 06:44

Question about the product: VECTOR 1200 Watt Power Inverter VEC053D.

Q: "My fix-it man wants a Vector Model 056D power inverter. He reports that we need 16 amps minimum to run 2 same model sump pumps (Wayne Submersible pumps 4200 GPH, 15 amp min, 120v, 60 hz, 1/2 HP, ) Can't find the VEC056D and most info on inverters do not include amps info. Will this one work for my 2 pumps?

Answer: We consulted with our Vector distributor about this answer. Here is what Devin responded:

"I would go with the VEC051D to be safe. This would put out 27.5 amp continuously and 55 amps for start up loads for a short period of time. The reason I suggest this one is because all of those pumps have a start up draw (surge) that is higher than the power they use when already running. It’s like riding a bike. It’s easier to peddle a bike once it is already moving than to have to get the bike to begin to move from a stopped position."

Thanks for your interesting question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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