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Will Supersonic Mole Chasers Affect Dogs or Cats?

by Barbara 23. June 2008 06:26

Question about the Product Code: ES-P3-P7907-4, Four Supersonic Mole Chasers

Q:"Will this product affect dogs or cats in any way?" Bob

Answer: The Supersonic, Vibrasonic and green standard mole chaser stakes that we sell are powered by 4 D cell batteries and vibrate every 15 to 18 seconds. These are mow over units: to install you dig a hole and bury the unit upright so that only the screw on cap is visible above the ground.

Because they are almost entirely buried, the units are barely audible to humans. We've never had any reports of any dogs or cats being affected by them. Perhaps a curious animal might pause near a mole chaser and cock their head when the unit first activates. I have two Boston Terriers who roam the fenced in yard where there are 4 stakes. They have never paid any attention to them, at least never in my presence.

So, the answer is, these devices should not affect a dog or cat.

Thanks for your questions.