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Will the Animal Away work for Roof Rats? I live in California Where Rats are Invading

by Barbara 28. June 2008 08:12

Question about the Animal Away Repeller P7810 Product Code:ES-P3-P7810

Q:"Does this work for mice and rats? We need something like this where I work. Thank you!"-Michelle.

Answer: The Animal Away is designed mainly for outdoor use against larger animals like cats, dogs and raccoons. The best choice for attics and crawl spaces is the Evictor Strobe Light Small Animal Repeller. This works for roof rats, squirrels, bats, feral cats and raccoons. Safe Home sells several different devices to catch and repel rats and mice in addition to that product. One problem is that these pest animals have sharp teeth and can chew through wood, mesh screening, etc. to get inside where they then can raise their young. And these animals can multiply very rapidly.

Among the products we sell are ultrasonic repellers that directly plug into the wall, ultrasonic repellers that have a line cord for better placement on the floor, rat and mice zapper traps and a strobe light repeller for attics and crawl spaces.

If the rats get into your attic or crawl space, not only will they leave droppings, bring in fleas, chew on wires, etc, but also they will attract squirrels and raccoons who will also set up housekeeping. A rat can enter through a hole the size of a quarter. The rats tunnel through your insulation, reducing its effectiveness and ultimately your attic will take on an odor that attracts other rats and repels humans. Rats sharpen their teeth on rafters and can get down into your walls. You cannot imagine the odor of a dead rat, a rat who died in your wall.

The direct plug in pest repeller units range from small ones with or without nightlights to larger more powerful ones with one or two speakers. For example, the Lentek Pest Contro 600 have night lights. For these to be effective, plug into unobstructed, un-switched wall outlets in rooms to be covered by ultrasonic sound power.

The corded units such as the Transonic Pro are easier to place and also can be set to repel other animals. These units may be both silent and noise generating. To be most effective, you need to get "bounce" off hard surfaces and also "shoot" the ultrasound down floor edges across doorways, registers and other possible openings for the rodents to enter the rooms.

The electric traps are powered by batteries. There are two models, one for rats and one for mice.

The Evictor strobe light comes in two models, one for homes or smaller buildings and the professional Evictor for larger areas. The Evictor works great to repel black rats

Getting rid of mice and rats once they are nested is difficult and requires a multi-faceted approach. Do remember that all foodstuffs need to be in secure containers both for storage and for trash. All openings to the outside should be sealed after you've used ultrasonic or strobe light applications for several weeks. Look for openings in attics and basements, too.

Professional exterminators may be necessary. Do remember that using poisons means that animals may die in wall spaces, ceilings, etc and the stench can be awful. Glue traps are also effective although some find them distasteful and dealing with live rodents is not pleasant.

Good luck. Let us know if we can help your employer to get these nuisance rodents out of your building. Remember that your home is vulnerable, too.