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How Can I Keep Bears Out of My Yard?

by Barbara 10. July 2008 07:22

Question about animal repellers for bears.

Q: "I have several bird feeders in my back yard and a garden. Bears are coming and eating the food and/or destroying the feeders and garden plants. Do you have suggestions for how to keep the bears from my yard?" Thanks.

Answer: Unless you install an electric bear fence around the yard perimeter as zoos, garbage dumps, etc. do, the best choice is the Critter Blaster Pro , a powerful sonic unit with four speakers and requires AC. Coverage is up to six acres. You'd have to install that at the edge/edges of your property as it will also repel birds. My other suggestion is to install Yardgard units around the perimeter of your yard. Note: When red light of Yardgard or Deergard  is on, the unit is sending out sounds. After the animal passes by, the unit shuts off with in 5 to 10 seconds. The manufacturer states the average area coverage is 35 feet wide x 75 feet deep by 6 feet high.

Yardgards will also scare away your birds. Thus the perimeter placement. Continuous operation is possible only with AC. Motion activates the units if run on batteries. Overlapping the coverage will increase the battery operated units effectiveness.

Good luck. Contact us if you have more questions.