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Can I Locate the Flood Stop Controller Remotely?

by Barbara 30. July 2008 16:20

Question about the FloodStop 3/4 in Valve Water Heater Shutoff COMPRESSION
Product Code: : FS-3/4-C

Q: "It looks like your system has a control box with buttons. Can I turn the system off or on with this controller placed remote from the shutoff valve? I would like to be able to turn the whole water supply off when I am away." Thanks, Kevin

Answer: Yes, you can turn the system on and off remotely. However, you cannot place the controller itself remotely from the shut-off valve. The moisture sensor is connected to the controller so remotely positioning the controller won't work.

The FloodStop Controller indeed has three buttons, mute, close valve and open valve.
The outputs are normally closed. You can use contacts for any device that can utilize them, like auto phone dialers, alarm systems, X10 home automations devices., etc. There is a 4-pin connection to valve/sensor connector.

We do sell a whole house or zoned water shut off valve called the WaterCop which has a remote shut-off available that must be wired to the WaterCop unit with Cat 5 cable. This is a more expensive unit that uses individual moisture sensors that radio to the unit to shut the water valve when moisture is detected on the sensor (the circuit is closed by water between the two prongs of the sensor).

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