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Is Bona Kemi Wood Cleaner Safe for Cats and Dogs?

by Barbara 30. July 2008 16:51

Question about the Product: Bona Professional Series Wood Floor Cleaner Concentrate 4 oz. 24/CS

Q:"I would like to know if it is safe for cats and dogs." Maureen

Answer: Bona Kemi floor cleaners are all non-toxic waterborne cleaners. Years ago, we discussed the safety of the concentrated hard wood cleaner with our Bona rep and were assured that it was a "green" safe cleaner. I've used it for years on my ceramic floors and never had a problem with my dogs (and now cat). (Yes, it works great to clean ceramic and vinyl, too.)

I doubt that an animal would have the chance to drink it if it is used as recommended, i.e. with a spray bottle. My two Boston Terriers have licked food off the floor and never had a problem

We also sell an entire line of soy based cleaners that are non-toxic.

Hope this helps. We like the concentrate: it is easier to ship, weighs less and works just as well as the premixed once it is diluted.

Thanks for your question.


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