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Which Assistive Hearing Device is Best with a Cochlear Implant or Hearing Aid?

by Barbara 2. August 2008 07:58

Question about the products SuperEar Powerful Hearing Amplifier Item Code ST-SE4000 and SuperEar Plus Deluxe Personal Sound Enhancer Item Code ST-SE7500.

Q: "I need a hearing amplifier to increase television volume. I have a cochlear implant which is similar to a hearing aid. Right now my wife complains that I turn the volume up too high for her. Which product, the SE4000 or the SE7500 is better for my needs?"

Answer: The SE4000 is an inexpensive hearing amplifier that is ADA compliant and uses a boom type microphone. The SE7500 has an internal mike, is ADA compliant and includes other features such as an automatic shut-off after 45 minutes, stereo ear buds and stereo headsets as well. Both have wired headsets. The disadvantages of these are that you'll hear background noises as well as the television sound.

My suggestion: buy a TV Ears professional system. Yes, it is much more expensive than a simpler handheld device. You'll find this unit will meet your needs both at home and when you go to the symphony, rock concert, church or anywhere that is ADA equipped and operating on 95 kHz. When you get your new LCD or plasma TV, you can use the TV Ears Professional System 10241, too.

You also need the TV-1024, the Neck Loop TVEars Pro Headset Accessory for T-Coiled Enabled Hearing Aids . The Neck Loop accessory enables TV Ears Pro headset to communicate with a T-coil enabled hearing aid via a 32 Ω (ohms) input with a 3.5mm plug. The Pro headset has an input and output jack in the headset.

The TV Ears Pro television head set jack allows for the addition of many helpful accessories to the TV Ears unit. These accessories include a 6 foot audio cord, cell phone cord (Std. 2.5mm plug, voice cord (creates personal amplification system) with microphone, music cord (for MP3 and other music devices) that lets you use TV Ears like a standard headset) and a 6 foot extender cord plus a connection cord for the power stacker. The headset weighs under 2 ounces.

Thank you for your question. If you need more information, please send us email or phone us.



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