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Can the Life Hammer Break Out Office Building Glass?

by Barbara 3. August 2008 16:16

Question about the product: Original Life Hammer Escape Hammer (Orange Product Code: : SM-IN-LH002

Q: "Could this product be used in a ground floor office building? We would like to have these available in our office to ensure persons an exit in an emergency. We would likely mount this devise on the wall. Would this product be able to break double paned glass? do you have other products that can perform this task for us. Thank you for your assistance. Lisa "

Answer: We contacted the USA master distributor for his input. Here is his response:

"The LifeHammer is designed to break safety glass or tempered glass for autos. However it can be applied to other purposes if the type of the glass / windows have the same characteristics. Your client should first try to find out about the glass they use (from the builder or from the fire department of the city)."

We hope that this helps.


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