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Question about a Dome Bird Feeder?

by Barbara 3. August 2008 16:54

Question about the product Product Code: GCDYBTG Big Top Bird Feeder - New Green Parts Product Code: : GCDYBTG

Q:"What are the dome and the green parts of the feeding station and the very top of the dome made of? How would I order and do you have any other dome bird feeders? Thanks!"

Answer: The green and clear parts of the Big Top Bird Feeder are made of UV stabilized polycarbonate. UV stabilization protects the clear dome from yellowing in the sun. Please order on on-line or phone us Monday through Friday for a live operator during our business hours.

We carry a wide variety of domed bird feeders including ones that look like a pagoda top , a
sunflower feeder with a squirrel dome, a domed thistle feeder, a vista dome multi-purpose feeder , ones with "cages" to protect against squirrels, etc. Please go to, put "dome" in the search on the left and then once on the next page, go to title and description.

Enjoy your back yard birding!

Thanks for the question.



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