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How Long Will My BoomBox Run on this Power Supply?

by Barbara 7. August 2008 11:30

Question about the Product: VEC1026BD Black and Decker Portable Power Supply 250W.

Q: "How much time will this unit give me in the 120VAC mode to use my small boom box which uses about 12 watts of power? Does the 250 watt on the power unit mean that when charged fully it holds 250 watts of power? Therefore my radio boom box should run approx. 20 hours?thanks-Bob."

Answer: This portable power supply has a 10 amp hour battery in it, so your boombox should run about 10 hours if the unit is fully charged. We do sell other units such as the Wagan Power Dome that are larger with more watts of power. The Wagan has 450 watts and, fully charged, would run a boombox that draws 23 amps about 8 hours. For a 12 watt draw, that would be closer to 16 hours.

Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara