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Does the Deerguard Effect Dogs and Cats?

by Barbara 11. August 2008 12:29

Question about the Product: BirdX DEERGARD Electronic Deer Repellent

Q: "Can the Deergard be used against deer without irritating dogs and cats effectively? I need 16 units- is there low voltage units available? What frequency to work on deer but not dogs and cats? Thanks, Alan"

Answer: If you position the units facing out from your property, the Deergard units should have no effect on the dogs and cats on your property. Unless your animals have unusual hearing abilities, the ultrasonic frequency of 15 kHz to 25 kHz (adjustable) or 15,000 Hz to 25,000 Hz of the Deergard should cause no issue at all to any dogs or cats.

The frequency range of dog hearing is approximately 40 Hz to 60,000 Hz, depending on the breed of dog as well as its age. Like humans, dogs can begin to go deaf as they become older. In some breeds of dogs, complete deafness occurs in old age.

The cat hearing range (in Hz) is 45 to 64,000, compared to 64-23,000 in humans. So cats can hear sounds we can't hear on both ends of the spectrum, particularly the higher end.

Precautions per the Deergard instruction manual:

"Even though the top range of the DeerGard, 25 kHz, is above human hearing range (which averages, at top level, about 16 kHz), the intensity is great enough to present a chance of damage to the ear if it is directly exposed for an extended period of time at a distance of less than 10 feet. These units should definitely not be located at or near a place where someone will be located for a long time. Normally, this type of unit is located outside pointing away from a house or structure, and thus presents no problem when located in this manner. We suggest that when you are sitting or working within range of the unit, you turn it off, as human presence will normally deter the pests.

  • As with any electrical device, do not place the unit in or near water and do not mount it while standing in or surrounded by water.
  • Do not aim the product into neighboring yards or public areas, or at caged or leashed animals.
  • It is intended for use on your own property only. Some people with good high frequency hearing will be able to hear the unit at its lower frequencies. If this occurs, select a higher frequency."

    As with other pest control measure, the Deergard works better when used along with other methods such as Deer Scram Organic Granules, ScootDeer Spray , Deer Fortress or protective garden netting.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for your question. Remember the Deer Gard, Yard Gard and Balcony Gard are all actually the same unit in different colors. What all will do is get rid of pest birds, too. So place them where you want zero birds or your feeders will be empty.

    Sincerely, Barbara