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Hearing Amplifiers for TV & Theater

by Barbara 22. August 2008 10:24

Question about the products TV Ears and Super Ears amplifiers for TV, theater or conversation.

Q: "My wife complains I have the TV too loud. If I turn it down, I can't hear. What are my choices so I can enjoy TV and keep my wife happy? Thanks. Tom"

Answer: We sell both wireless TV headsets and hearing amplifiers. The more expensive units by TV Ears are superior as the headsets are light weight, volume is easily controlled by adjustments on the headset and what you hear is only the TV set. These units are also ADA compliant which means they pick up signals at theaters and other venues with ADA broadcast signals. Prices vary with the features offered. We currently sell the the TV Ears 2.3 MHz for those with normal hearing. The TV Ears Original system is for those with moderate to severe hearing lost. We also sell two hearing aid compatible units with extra features, the TV Ears Pro and the TV Ears Home Theatre .

The two hearing amplifiers that we sell are the basic SuperEars and the Super Ears Plus These hearing amplifiers are inexpensive and easily portable. Like most amplifiers, they are not direction specific even with the built-in microphones. So you'll hear side conversations and other noises. And you'll have to hold the units or lay them on a table or arm rest. The headsets do have connective wires to the microphone/amplifier unit.

Go to our website for more information. Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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