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Keep Mom from Overdosing on Medications

by Barbara 25. August 2008 09:33

Question about the Medready MR-1500 . Basic Locked Medication Dispenser with Timer and Battery Back-Up.

Q: "My mom is 82 years old and sometimes forgets whether she'd taken her medications. Her medications are taken twice a day and are quite powerful so the results could be a disaster. The Medready MR-1500 seems the best choice since she has no significant hearing or vision problems. How would we set this up to dispense twice a day? And we also want a second pill tray so we can set up the medication for her every two weeks in advance. Thanks, Mitch."

Answer: "After plugging in the battery and the AC power supply, unlock and remove the lid to set the time and alarms. Follow the directions to set time of day for the first and second alarms.Then set the length of time the alarm is to ring. The factory setting is 30 minutes but you can set the ring time from 3 minutes to 250 minutes.

Place one of the enclosed cardboard medication discs over the clock face and load the medication as shown for two doses per day in a counterclockwise direction. Verify the alarm light(s) are on and replace the lid, AFTER sliding the white bar up and AFTER sliding the door closed. MedReady is now ready to keep Mom's medication safe and dispensed only twice a day.

Thanks for your question. And the best to your mom and to you.

Sincerely, Barbara


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