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Lentek Yard Contro+ Animal Repeller and Goldfish

by Barbara 25. August 2008 15:40

Question about the product Product Code: LK-YC12G

Product Code: : LK-YC12G

Q: "Is this item safe for the gold fish in my pond? I would be buying it to keep the raccoons away. "

Answer: The water in your outdoor fish pond will reflect the ultrasonic sounds from the Yard Contro+ and water will dampen any sounds from the sonic sounds if you choose that mode. Remember the units will be facing away from the pond for best results. Or you can shoot the sound waves over the pond surface depending upon how large your pond is. You may need more than one unit to keep your fish safe from the raccoons. The motion detector range is about a 3o ft diameter.

Thanks for your interesting question. Good luck.

Sincerely, Barbara


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