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Shorter People & Booster Seat Users Like Car Shoulder Harness Pads

by Barbara 29. October 2008 08:24

Question about the product Fleece Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Covers-Pack of 2

Q: I am 5 ft. tall. No matter how I adjust the seat belt/shoulder harness it seems to put pressure on my neck or body. I saw you sell shoulder harness and seat belt covers. How difficult are these to use? Can I use them in an airplane as well as in the car. I am thinking about buying two sets so I can put one on the seat belt and one on the shoulder harness. Will they get tangled in the seat belt or harness?

Answer: I am 5 ft. 5 inches tall. Despite adjustable seats and harness adjustments, I dislike that "cut-in-two" feeling. I added these covers and the pressure fron the shoulder harness was gone. So I personally recommend these fleece covers. For adults of all ages and children in car booster seats, these inexpensive fleece covers make terrific gifts of comfort.

Daily, I use mine on the driver's shoulder harness in my 2003 Windstar van and the other on the passenger side of a Kia owned by my best friend. The sides fold over around the belt and Velcro together so the covers are easily adjusted and easily moved or removed. I don't feel pressure across my abdomen so I use only the shoulder one. And if you do spill something while traveling, you can remove and machine or hand-wash.

As long as the seat belt across your lap is tight, the airlines should be okay with using one while flying.

Thanks again for your question.
Sincerely, Barbara


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