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Deck Netting to Block Openings in Picket Fence

by Barbara 24. June 2009 10:22

Question about using Black Deck Shield Deck Netting or Cardinal Gates 50 Ft. Silver Deck Netting to keep dogs in a yard.

Q: "I installed a fence several years ago when I purchased a dog. It is a white plastic picket fence . My problem is I now have small dogs and one keeps getting out in between the pickets. Is there anything you sell for me to put on the fence that won't look too bad. I was looking at the deck netting for children, which comes in 50 feet wide and 35 in tall lengths. Do you think that is o.k. or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help." Barbara C.

Answer: Thank you for this novel but practical use for the UV treated deck netting. Yes, this should keep your dogs inside and should be practically invisible from both sides. Black virtually disappears when you look at it, at least with deck netting. Attach the net with clear plastic cable ties. This is also a great idea for families with little children. Those openings might be just wide enough for a child to get a head or a leg stuck which could be a disaster. I would recommend the more expensive silver because it is thicker and more resistant to rot than the black as well as being less visible on a white fence.

Thanks for your question.
Enjoy your pups!
Sincerely, Barbara