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Safety Electrical Outlet Covers Needed for 2009 Hospital and Medical Clinic Waiting Rooms for Joint Commission Accreditation for Medicaid and Medicare

by Barbara 4. August 2009 06:34

Question about Standard 3 prong ivory sliding door outlet covers and Decora outlet covers.

Q: "Our hospital and affiliated communicty medical clinics were advised that the Joint Commission now requires electrical safety proofing of all patient waiting rooms in order to get Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement. This includes installing child resistant electrical outlet covers. Do you sell these in various colors and do you accept purchase orders for larger quantities?"

Answer: Currently the more popular sliding door outlet covers are in ivory and white. We do have red available only in the 3 prong standard outlet type. Most hospitals and clinics need the standard sliding door covers. One hospital has ordered both Decora and standard in ivory and white to match the walls more closely. We do accept purchase orders from hospitals for purchases $250 or over. Otherwise, we do accept credit cards and prepayment by check. Depending upon the quantities ordered, shipment time may be up to 15 business days. One of our hospital customers in Utah is ordered per clinic which means smaller quantities shipped per order and less lead time. Another customer recently ordered over 1000 units which should ship within two weeks.

We recommend that you count the outlets, types and colors you need and contact us for a quotation. Also let us know about when you will need them so we can pre-order if needed.

We also recommend that you use protective padding for sharp edges of walls, appointment desks, end tables etc. to reduce the possibility of patient injuries. We also sell protective padding for poles, wide 90 degree angled strips and more.

Thanks for your inquiry.
Sincerely, Barbara


1/18/2011 4:21:38 AM #

My supervisor at this hospital would like me to find the side-slide childproof plate with a UL listing...Leviton used to make them but don't anymore....any ideas?????

Bob Breckling United States