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Multivet Anti-Bark Collar Scentless Spray or Citronella Spray are Safe and Significantly Reduce Nuisance Barking

by Barbara 18. August 2009 08:13

Question about the Multivet Anti-Bark Collar Scentless Spray , MV11123 and the Multivet Anti-Bark Collar CitronellaItem Code PT-MV11122 Citronella Spray:

Q: "What is in this spray? Just air? How does the spray stop a dog from barking?" Thanks. Sara

Answer: The scentless spray is the same type of canned air used to clean computer keyboards, etc. The propellant gas is the ozone friendly R134a. This gas is used in many medical inhalation products and is harmless to pets and people. When a dog barks, the collar releases a spray of canned air in front of your dog's nose. The dog hears the spray and feels the spray.

Research shows that unscented spray was very effective in stopping dog barking. Research included 32 dogs . 85% or 27 owners reported that they were satisfied with the citronella odour and 80% or 25 owners reported their satisfaction with the unscented odour. The odour does not play a major role in reducing the number of barks per week. In 67.7% of the dogs, there was residual learning after removing the spray from the collar. The bottom line is that most dogs learn in a few days to be quiet while wearing the collar with a citronella or an unscented spray.Aboistop is the only humane solution to the problem of nuisance barking.

The Canadian SPCA test recommends Aboistop as it is cruel yet prevents dogs from barking. They tested the collar on 100 dogs who were barking excessively. The dogs quickly stopped barking. "We are happy to fully endorse this product and to recommend it as an alternative method to massive abandonment of dogs who become a nuisance because of their constant barking." Pierre Barnoti, President S.P.C.A.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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