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EPA Registered Cleaners for Non-Porous Hard Surfaces to Kill Influenza A and Swine Flu Viruses

by Barbara 27. August 2009 09:13

Question about killing influenza virus on hard surfaces in day care centers, schools and hospitals.

Q: "I am in charge of maintenance for a school district. We are looking for cleaners that will kill flu virus on hard surfaces.This year the numbers of flu cases are projected to be quite high. What can we used to clean? Will these products also kill Swine Flu?" Thanks. John

Answer: Swine Flu is caused by an influenza A (H1N1) virus. All influenza A viruses ares essentially the same, whether they are swine, avian, or human.  Two of the Brulin products we sell Maxima, and BruClean TbC have label claims against at least one form of influenza A virus. The EPA makes the following comments on identifying products that are registered by EPA to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces that may be contaminated with the swine flu. " EPA believes, based on available scientific information, that the currently registered influenza A virus products will be effective against the 2009-H1N1 flu strain and other influenza A virus strains on hard, non-porous surfaces."

  1. Maxima is a Soft Acid Disinfectant Cleaner that can be used as a disinfectant cleaner, a glass cleaner, a toilet bowl cleaner, for cleaning chrome and for lime and soap scum control. It is effective against HBV and is Staphyloccidal, Pseudomonacidal, Viruscidal, Fungicidal and Mildewicidal.
  2. Brulin Bru-Clean TBC comes in a 540 tablet bottle. These are effervescent tablets that clean and disinfect. Effective Against a Wide-Range of Micro-Organisms Including TB,C.Diff, and Canine Parvo. Meets the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. Use in place of corrosive bleach or harsh phenolic disinfectants. Bru-Clean TbC is effective, yet safer – its active ingredient, sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC), is used worldwide to purify drinking water. Less Corrosive than Harsh Bleach & Phenolics.Safer Active Ingredient. Use in animal care, day care, isolation wards, medical research, etc. facilities.

Maxima is available in several strengths and sizes. Bru-Clean is currently available only in the large bottle.

Thank you for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara


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