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Relief Band Versus a Passive Pressure Band for Fishing on the Atlantic Ocean

by Barbara 9. September 2009 06:58

Question about the ReliefBand EL Reusable Motion Sickness Device.

Q: "I get sea sick and am going on a fishing trip on the Atlantic Ocean. I was going to buy a Sea Band for about $15. My friend swears by her Relief Band which cost her many times the cost of the Sea Band. How does the ReliefBand differ from the pressure bands with the knob on the underside? I know both are worn on the wrist." Thanks. Steve


This is like comparing apples and oranges: both are fruit and then the differences begin.

  1. ReliefBand is a patented electronic medical device supported by clinically proven studies. (Studies available upon request) The pressure band is an elastic band with a knob on the underside.
  2. Variable pulsating stimulation stops the body from compensating or adjusting to the nerve stimulation. The body soon ignores the pressure band's passive pressure.
  3. The mild buzzing in the palm and middle fingers caused by the electronic ReliefBand lets you know the unit is correctly positioned on the proper nerve stimulation point. There is no way to know with a pressure band that the unit is properly placed.
  4. The Reliefband has 5 levels of stimulation available. The pressure point has one level of passive stimulation.
  5. Positive effects of the Reliefband can last up to 30 minutes or more when the unit has resolved the nausea and is turned off.
  6. Reliefband is FDA cleared  There were multiple clinical indications both RX and OTC. In randomized clinical trials the ReliefBand was proven more effective than both placebo and other non-electronic acupressure type devices. Prior to 1999, the ReliefBand was available only via prescription for nausea and vomiting dues to pregnancy, chemotherapy and post-operative nausea.  No such indications for the sea bands.
  7. The current Reliefband EL uses replaceable batteries.Usable Time: approximately 120 hours. The sea band pressure bands use no batteries.
  8. Reliefbands are adjustable to very small wrists as there are holes for the adjustable wristband every 1/4 inch.  There are adult and child size pressure bands with the knobs
  9. Reliefbands sell for under $130 and are water resistant. Sea bands sell for about $15 and are not water resistant.

Reliefbands typically last for many years if used intermittently: replace batteries if needed. Why spoil a vacation with motion sickness?

All motion sickness is caused by similar conditions in the body so the ReliefBand works for virtually all motion related nausea and vomiting.

Customers have used these when piloting airplanes, riding roller coasters, dealing with nausea from new glasses, chemotherapy nausea, sea sickness, mountain sickness, flu nausea, sea sickness and more.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara