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Using Portable AC Power Supplies (PowerPacks) to Power a TV at Tailgate Parties

by Barbara 19. September 2009 13:27

Question about operating a TV from a portable power pack.

Q: "We want to buy a portable power supply to use when we tail-gate at football games. We like to watch other football games while partying and waiting to enter the stadium. Which unit or units do you recommend? Thanks." Pete

Answer: First, learn the watts you'll need both to turn on your portable TV set and to keep it powered until the game. Next, how many hours do you plan to operate the TV? Do you plan to operate other AC appliances as well? For example, a 400 watt power pack typically is advertised to operate a 5" Color TV (20 Watts) for about 8 Hours.Or is this a 12V TV?

Most customers are purchasing the 600 watt power packs such as the Duracell or the Duracell XPower Powerpack 1500 Watt Inverter. If you camp a lot or lose power often and have lots of sunshine, add the Go-Power 80 Watt Solar Kit with Digital Regulator to keep the unit charged. A digital regulator is necessary or you may overcharge the unit and ruin the battery.

Thank you for your question. Feel free to contact us once you know the wattage requirements of your TV set.

Sincerely, Barbara