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Firmness of 4 Inch Egg Crate Hospital Grade Foam Mattress Pads

by Barbara 12. October 2009 08:20

Question about the GF convoluted foam mattress pads

Q: "I'm interested in your 4 inch convoluted foam mattress pads for king sized beds. I do not see a density of foam given. I've seen other pads advertised at 1.2 as soft, 1.5 as medium, and 1.8 as average. How dense are these?" Thanks Will

Answer: Thank you for your interesting question. According to G F Health, the density of the 7-4000 mattress topper is given in Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). This pad is 34 ILD which the customer service rep says is firm.

A check on the internet indicates this density is considered a 2.6 visco foam density. Bariatric foam has a 45 ILD rating. To understand what this means, see below. Definitions: Density is based upon the weight of one cubic foot of foam. 2.6 thus means the weight of one cubic foot of this 4 inch foam. Indentation Load Deflection or ILD: the unit of measure to indicate degree of firmness.

One website says the ideal ILD reading for a cushion would be 25 to 50 lbs at 25% ILD reading (the weight an indenter must weigh to compress a 4 inch thick piece of foam to 3 inches) If fifty square inches of 4 inch foam is compressed to 3 inches, that is 25% ILD. If the foam is compressed to 1.4 inches, that is a 65% ILD. For seating comfort, the ideal ILD reading is 25 to 40 pounds at 25%, and 45 to 100 pounds at 65%.

Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara