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Control Dust Mite Allergies from Beds with Allergy Proof Encasements on Pillow and Mattresses

by Barbara 30. January 2010 09:41

Question abou the Restguard  King Sized Mattress Cover and the King allergy pillow covers.

Q: "We have a pillow top king bed that is less than a year old. My allergies to dust mites are getting worse. We change the sheets once a week, wash all the blankets and quilt once a month and run an air cleaner and use a HEPA air cleaner. Would these mattress and pillow covers help?" Thanks. Linda

Answer: Dust mites love the warmth and moisture your body provides while you are sleeping on a mattress with your head on a pillow. Their favorite food is dander (human skin flakes). The advantage of using Restguard covers is that dust mite populations cannot multiply in the mattress or pillows due to the polyurethane backing. Yet the cotton/poly terry surface is comfortable and cool to sleep on. Plus your pillow is made allergy proof if you prefer feathers or down to which many are allergic. You'll protect your pillow and bedding against stains as well.

And you can launder the covers as often as you choose since they have a 10 year warranty and are hot water safe for your washer and low dryer setting or line dry safe. You may need to wash them weekly if your allergies are severe. We wash ours every few weeks when we wash the blankets and comforter to get rid of dust mites and animal hair. (Yep, the cats and dog share the bed despite my allergies.)

I do suggest, from personal experience, that you put the pillow cases on with the non-zippered side first. It is easier. We put our Restguard mattress cover over a memory foam pad to protect it from the animals and us.  The memory foam pad units two extra long twins in a king frame: much easier to flip a twin than a king mattress over.

Thanks again for your question. Remember that mattress covers and encasements as well as pillow covers and encasements from RestGuard come in sizes from crib to California King.