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How Do Rest-Guard Mattress Covers Differ from Other Mattress and Box Spring Covers?

by Barbara 14. February 2010 07:08

Question about the Rest-Guard fitted and zippered encasement mattress covers.

Q: "My family members have many allergies. We'd like to know how the Rest-Guard mattress covers differ from the cotton covers we are currently using. Thanks. Susan"

Answer: Rest-Guard are soft cotton bonded to polyurethane so they are cool to sleep on and also are water proof.  The Rest-Guard standard covers are fitted like a fitted bottom sheet. The Rest-Guard full enclosure covers are zippered. For most people, the fitted Rest-Guard covers are the better choice. These are also available in several thicknesses and many more sizes than the complete enclosure covers. For older mattresses and box springs or for those with bed bug infestation, the full enclosure covers are the better coice. The best way to show you the differences is via a comparison chart. 

 Mattress Cover and Box Spring Comparison Chart

Features Rest
Full Enclosure
Stops the accumulation of microscopic organisms on the mattress cover.
Acts as a barrier against dust mite growth in the mattress and pillow. YES NO NO YES
Stops the transfer of microscopic particles from the mattress to the sleeping area. YES NO NO YES
Prevents mattress stains and maintains warranty. YES NO NO YES
Unique design allows the Body to breathe. YES YES YES YES
Wash in Hot Water. YES NO NO YES
Use automatic washing machine and dryer. YES YES YES YES
Contour shape reduces mattress condensation. YES YES YES YES
Recommended for allergy & asthma control.

NOTE: To effectively kill and remove mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria and dust mites, washing in warm water is essential. Dry on low temperature settings ONLY.

Rest-Guard Deluxe (Fully Enclosed) Mattress/Pillow Covers - Product Description

The Rest-Guard Deluxe fully enclosed covers are manufactured from a unique fabric called a fluff fabric, which are made of a 100% high quality cotton blend. These covers have no seams, pockets or folds for bedbugs to hide in and lay their eggs, and are specifically designed to block out all allergens, and most other particles as small as cat dander, unlike sheets, they encase and protect the entire mattress and zip up tightly. Used beneath your regular bedding, our fully enclosed mattress covers will not only silently and invisibly protect against all allergens, but any soiling or liquid spills that might occur on the mattress through regular use as well.

Additionally, the Rest-Guard encasings can be used for bed bug protection**. Independent test data proved bed bugs and their eggs could not get through our fabrics or zippers. They offer complete protection while remaining soft and breathable beneath your sheets, so you always sleep comfortably. And we take extra care in the design and construction of Rest-Guard encasings with features such as concealed zippers and a waterproof, shrink-proof polyurethane backing which will give them a perfect fit even after repeated washings. We believe you won't find a finer, more comfortable encasing anywhere at any price. Mean pore size of 1.2 microns. 5-Year Warranty.

Rest Guard Pillow Protector: pillow cover is waterproof, dust mite & bedbug proof. Size available: 21"x30".

Unique Design of Bed Bug Blocker Covers

The Bed Bug Blocker design incorporates a 3-sided zipper operation with a re-enforced zipper liner which also comes with our unique bug blocker patch which is located at the end stop were the zipper closes, this provides added protection even if the zipper is left open by a few teeth for an effective barrier and peace of mind against Bed Bugs, dust-mites and allergens and is also 100% waterproof. Our fabric is also soft and smooth to the touch, which makes the covers very comfortable to sleep on.

  • 3 Sided zipper design for easy installation & removal, which fully-encases the mattress or box spring.
  • Designed with 100% cotton fluff fabric top for total comfort with a waterproof polyurethane backing which prevents all mattress stains and the transfer of moisture between the mattress and body.
  • Can be Machine washed at high temperature and tumble dried at a low heat setting.
  • Listed as a Class 1 medical device by Health Canada.
  • Proven protection against Bedwetting problems.
  • Breathable backing for Superior Comfort, which is both waterproof & moisture Absorbent.
  • Designed to fit most mattresses' including deep pillow-top beds.
  • 5 year warranty against defect in workmanship and materials.

Sizes Available in Full Enclosure Covers.


Thank you again for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara