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All Vegetable Based Oatmeal Soap Benefits Dry and/or Irritated Skin

by Barbara 14. July 2010 08:36

Question about the Grandpa Brand Oatmeal Soap and the Vermont Soapworks Oatmeal and Lavender Soaps

Q: "What are the benefits of using either the Grandpa Oatmeal Soap or the Vermont Oatmeal and Lavender Soaps over other soaps? I have dry skin that is sensitive, too. How do the two soaps differ? Thanks. Jean"

Answer: Many people find a bar soap with oatmeal to be not only an excellent bath soap but also an excellent facial bar soap. Spas often offer baths in oatmeal based soaps. Many find that oatmeal soap helps to relieve skin irritations, reduce inflammation and heal rashes as well as help with sunburn pain.

The Grandpa brand oatmeal soap is an all vegetable oil oatmeal  bar soap individually packaged in a box. This natural oatmeal soap soothes, softens and gently exfoliates for a more youthful looking skin. This bath bar soap is mild enough for the most sensitive complexions, yet effective enough for your entire body, oatmeal soap bar is one of Grandpa's favorite bar soaps.  Women using Grandpa's oatmeal soap find it effective as a facial soap and a bath bar. The gentle exfoliate of the oatmeal helps to remove dry, dead skin letting skin look smoother and more youthful. Each bar of soap weighs 3.25 oz. Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, purified water, vegetable glycerin, rolled oats, essence of oats. This soap is made in Kentucky by the parent company of Kirks, the hard water bar soap that is also exceptionally mild and all vegetable oil.

Vermont Soapworks chooses to sell what they call eco boxes of soap. This saves on packaging waste. Vermont soaps are all organic. A box contains 7 cut but unwrapped bars that contain USDA certified organic oatmeal soap scented with natural lavender and rosemary extract . This, too, is an all vegetable soap. The oils are all organic: palm, coconut, olive and palm kernels. The natural lavender and natural rosemary extract add a soothing aroma, very light but there. This is our premium dry skin care soap, back by popular demand of our customers. High glycerin. Handmade. Slow to melt and recommended especially for dry skin care. Made by Vermont Soapworks in Vermont.. Net weight: approximately 21 ounces for 7 bars total.

The benefits of both soaps are no animal testing, all vegetable oil, premium oatmeal, high glycerin and gentle for dry and all other types of skin. The oatmeal in the soap helps to soothe minor skin irritations. The Vermont soap is all organic. We do sell the Grandpa brand in a case of 24 bars which saves money and shipping costs over several individual orders. We also offer a sampler of the Grandpa soaps which contains two bars each of the Patchouli Soap with Aloe Vera, Unscented Baking Soda Soap, Oatmeal Soap, Shea Butter Siap and Orange Essence Soap . These are individually boxed and make a nice hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

I hope this answers your questions.





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