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How to Install Cardinal Gates Deck Shield Netting on Outdoor Decks for Child Safety

by Barbara 22. September 2010 10:52

Question about Cardinal Gates 50 Ft. Black Deck Shield Netting or the Cardinal Gates 50 Ft. Silver Deck Netting

Q: "How difficult is installation of this deck netting? How long should I expect it to last? Our deck is shaded part of the day. Thanks. Joan.

Answer: Deck netting is easy to install. And it should last at minimum several years depending upon your location.

Installation of this outdoor safety netting is easier with two people although one person can do it. With two people, it is easier to stretch the netting and secure it. There are cable ties provided to attach the UV resistant mesh netting to the deck posts. Eye screws are also provided to attach the plastic netting to the deck surface. Some sun rot over time can be expected depending upon the amount of sun exposure. There is no material that is 100% rot resistant.

The major differences between the silver and the black deck netting are as follows:

  • Thickness: Silver is substantially sturdier and thicker—more than 7 times thicker than black. Black is approximately 0.26mm thick. Silver is approximately 1.98mm thick.
  • Size of openings: Silver: each "mesh" rectangle measures ½-inch hole size .  Black: each "mesh" rectangle measures about 1.25" x .75". 
  • Visibility: silver is even less visible from a distance.
  • Height: 36 inches for black and 36 inches for the silver

Deck Netting Features:

  • Material: durable, weather-resistant plastic netting for child proofing.(polypropylene)
  • UV protected: sun "rot" is reduced.
  • Installation: quick and easy.
  • Cable ties (provided) to attach uv mesh netting to deck posts.
  • Eye screws (provided) to attach plastic netting to deck surface.
  • Barely visible from a distance.

If you need shorter lengths, please contact us. We sell 15 ft and 30 ft lengths in both black and silver.

Thanks for your question. Please contact us if you need more help or have additional questions.

Sincerely, Barbara