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Choosing Urinary Incontinence Mattress Protectors or Disposable Underpads

by Barbara 24. October 2010 06:50

Question about choosing between Protection Plus Polymer Underpad Deluxe 23X36,75/csProtection Plus Polymer Underpad 23x36,100/csProtectionPlus Fluff-Fill Underpad Economy 23x36 150/CS,and  Ultrasorbs Air Permeable Disposable DryPads, 70  

Q: " I need to buy incontinence mattress protection underpads for my son who is a bed wetter. Despite the pull-ups, urine usually leaks through and the whole bed needs changed most days. I looked at the products above and am confused as to the differences. Which would you suggest? Thanks. Susan"

Answer: These are all pads that are 36 inches by either 23 inches or 24 inches. For an older child, I would recommend a larger pad as children tend to move around more at night.

The main differences between the pads are in absorbency and comfort: some of these incontinence supplies feature extra absorbent material, some have non-slip type backs, some are more air permeable, etc.. If your son is wearing pull-ups and empties his bladder prior to going to bed, he may not need the protection offered by the ultra absorbent underpads. However, the more expensive underpads are also more comfortable because they made of "breathable" materials so are less likely to be uncomfortable when wet.

There are larger pads that have wings that tuck in so a person active during sleep is less likely to move the pad.  For example, the Protection Plus Polymer Underpad 28x36,35/cs.

Another choice is a larger pad, one that is air permeable for sleeping comfort and is 31 inches by 36 inches. An example is the Ultrasorbs Air Permeable Disposable DryPad 31x36"40.bx 

For babies, what we recommend instead is the Crib Mattress Cover Rest-Guard Waterproof 6 In.. You can buy several and use them as fitted crib sheets since they are very comfortable for babies to sleep on. 

For older children in twin beds or in larger beds, you could also use the twin sized or larger waterproof mattress covers that are cotton with polyurethane backing as the bottom sheet. These cost no more than a decent quality bottom sheet. Using these as a bottom sheet would save your mattress and mattress pad from wetness and not have your child feel different because of the underpad use.

Please send more detail and I'll be able to help you more. Thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Barbara