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Change Mole Chaser Batteries in Spring to Keep Moles and Gophers Away

by Barbara 9. April 2011 11:40

Question about the vibrating metal mole chaser stake or the Original P3 green PVC mole chaser stakes

Q: "How long do batteries last in the solar and the metal battery powered mole stakes? When should they be changed? Thanks. Peter"

Answer: D cells batteries that power the P3 International Mole Stakes last 4 to 6 months. If you use the Supersonic Mole Stakes, there is a power saver feature once the moles are gone that increases battery life. We recommend only alkaline batteries. For the solar mole stakes, listen for the almost silent vibrating sound. If there is none, the reasons may be either that the unit is not getting enough sunlight or that the solar battery needs replaced. We sell D cells but not the solar batteries.

We recommend you test or listen to your units every spring if you are in the northern part of the USA or at least ever 4 to 6 months in warmer regions. One year I did not. One warm January day, I saw mole runs from the woods behind my 1/3 acre right to the front sidewalk. A rude awakening of "spring." In fact what motivated this article today was that I thought the same thing, It is warm in Iowa even though it is only April 9 and it is time to go and listen.

With the P3 battery units, you just pull out the battery tube, slip in new batteries and then put the cap on. I learned with my solar outdoor lights that local stores, at least in Iowa, don't carry the solar batteries in the winter! So take out a battery if you have the Smart Solar Mole Stakes or the P3 International Solar Mole Stakes and check them out now. The Smart Solar takes a battery pack so match the numbers against internet numbers. The P3 takes a AAA NiMH 600 mAh.

Thanks for the question and the reminder.



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