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Marine Approved Costar 12V Carbon Monoxide Alarms 12M-DB with 9V Battery Back-Up

by Barbara 20. April 2011 11:46

Question about the CoStar 12M-DB 12VDC Marine CO Alarm, 9V Backup

Q: "Is this the best one to install in my 32 foot long sailboat? We used propane for cooking. Thanks. Sam."


The advantage of the Costar 12M-DB is that it has a 9volt battery back-up. This unit comes only in one color, white, and is round and surface mounted.Designed for installation in marine vessels , this dual source input marine carbon monoxide alarm by Quantum Group allows for connection both to the 12 volt house battery and to the 12 V engine battery. This Marine UL listed co monitor is designed so that power is drawn from the 12V battery with the highest voltage. The replaceable 9 volt alkaline battery is a back-up when both 12 volt batteries are disconnected. Replace the 9 volt battery every 12 months minimum. This carbon monoxide detector features a solid state infrared carbon monoxide gas sensor . No relay contacts: not for security systems. This unit is 5 inches in diameter and 1.75 inches thick. The 5 year limited warranty begins on the date of sale.

Thank you for your question. I hope this helps you to choose the best unit for your needs.

Sincerely, Barbara