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Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Truck Cab Sleeper Compartments Can Save Drivers' Lives

by Barbara 11. May 2011 06:48

Question about the Safe-T-Alert SURFACE Mount 12V RV and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, White, 65-541, the CoStar 9RV Home and RV Carbon Monoxide Alarm and the CoStar 12RV-DB 12V RV CO Alarm 9V Bat. Backup

Q: "Which carbon monoxide alarm would you recommend for use in a truck sleep compartment? I manage a large trucking company and am concerned about carbon monoxide leaking into the sleeper compartments.We have now begun installing auxillary power units so the truck can be heated and cooled when the driver is sleeping. Thanks. Thomas."

Answer: A large trucking company in the Eastern part of the USA began purchasing the Safe-T-Alert SURFACE Mount 12V 65-541 Carbon Monoxide Monitor in 2005. Their initial purchase was 60 units. Since then, as they add new trucks, they purchase new units. And as the sensor life expires for the units, they replace them. This unit also comes in a brown carbon monoxide alarm, the 65-541 Brown.

This is from our customer, dated today, "We had an incident several years ago that involved a driver being overcome by Carbon Monoxide in the sleeper of a truck that required medical treatment. It was traced back to an exhaust leak under the cab. Our safety committee reviewed the incident and decided we should look in to installing CO alarms in the sleeping compartments of the trucks. I did research on several types and choice to use the model/style you offer. Also within the last couple of years we have been installing A.P.U.'s (auxiliary power units) on our trucks. They are used in place of the chassis engine running while cooling and heating the truck when the driver is sleeping. This little internal combustion engine produces CO, and is located lower than the sleeper, so it is an extra safety tool while using those small engines. I hope this gives you a little information on why and where we use them."

The Costar 9RV uses a 9 volt battery. For situations where hardwiring a 12 volt alarm is inconvenient, this is a great unit. It can handle extremes of temperature and humidity. The unit, however, can be removed. The 12V units obviously cannot unless you disconnect the wires. The second Costar unit uses the 9 volt battery if the 12 volt is disconnected for some reason. In a truck sleeper, this is highly unlikely.

I hope this helps with your decision. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that, if it does not kill, can cause permanent brain damage.

Sincerely, Barbara