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USA Made Loadcells Needed to Build a Set of Race Car Scales

by Barbara 16. May 2011 07:07

Question about which load cells are needed to build a set of race car scales

Q: "I am looking to build a set of race car scales and have come across your site.  I want to use load cells made in the USA if possible. I will need a load cell that can handle a maximum of 1000 lbs.  What product do you suggest? Thanks. David."

Answer: One of the Safe Home websites is All these load cells are made in the USA. Some parts may be imported, however. I contacted our manufacturer for his input since your request is somewhat complicated.

First, a load cell that can handle a maximum of 1000 lbs. for a race car scale or other vehicle scale is the SSB1K,AmCells SSB Type 1 Klb. Shear Beam Load Cell The SSB-1KLB Type Single-Ended Shear Beam Nickel Plated Load cell is made of Alloy steel. You would need 4 of these units if you are using a single platform.

Next, you would need a junction box and a digital read-out. What is recommended is the AmCells JBSM4 Junction Box for 2 to 4 Load Cells. This is a stainless steel box with summing card, handles 2 to 4 Load cells,meets IP67 standards and has signal trimming. Plus you would need a AmCells DIN3 Digital Weighing Indicator. The DIN3 digital scale indicator features a stainless steel housing, a push button key pad and a bright 1 inch tall LED display. The DIN3 will interface with all strain gauge load cell configurations.

If you plan to use 4 separate platforms, that will require consultation with our manufacturer. sells a wide selections of load cells including S Type Single Point Shear Beam , special load cells such as mini and disk. also sells accessories.

Thank you for your interesting question.

Sincerely, Barbara

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