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When Must New AmCells Load Cells Be Calibrated? And By Whom?

by Barbara 4. November 2013 09:12

Question about load cells and calibration.

Q: "I need to replace load cells in an existing scale. Do they need calibration? When do new load cells need to be calibrated?" Thanks. Steve

Answer: Here are some examples of when and who calibrates load cells. The timing of the calibration depends upon the application.

  • 1. Have load cells calibrated at AmCells for use with a newly purchased AmCells DIN3 Digital Weighing Indicator or for new applications. Cost is dependent upon the type and quantities purchased.
  • 2. Have a local scale repair person re-calibrate your scale if you are replacing an existing load cell.
  • 3. For an application like a batch filling machine, the factory where the machine is located needs to re-calibrate the machine after the load cells are replaced.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your question.

Feel free to contact us if you need more help. We'd need to know the specifics of your application and the load cells you are replacing.

Sincerely, Barbara